Pokémon Go Is The Most Dangerous Activity Of Our Generation And Here’s All The Proof You Need (Injury Montage)

If you’re not on the Pokémon Go hype train by now then you’re simply a hater who doesn’t enjoy having fun. Sure, you might just hate video games in general but this is a unique experience that has you walking your ass all over the place, burning calories, all while staying competitive against the game to unlock as many achievements as possible. It does for video games what Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii always wanted to but fell short of actually accomplishing. But enough about my newfound appreciation for this fucking childish game that turns you into a goddamn zombie looking at your phone every time it vibrates: Pokémon Go is dangerous as fuck.

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We’ve chronicled ridiculous Pokémon Go-related injuries pretty exhaustively here on BroBible, some examples include ‘Parents Abandon 2-Year-Old To Go Play Pokemon Go‘, ‘Two Canadian Teenagers Accidentally Commit International Crime‘, and ‘Guy Gets Tased For Refusing To Leave Public Park While Playing Pokemon Go‘. This game’s getting people stabbed, tased, they’re walking off cliffs. It’s causing SERIOUS injuries, yet it’s also a global phenomenon that EVERYONE enjoys once they give it a shot….So it’s hard to call it a bad experience even if people are getting gravely injured.

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