Watch This Punk Rock Singer Bare Hand And Chug A Beer That Was Thrown At Him During His Show


The dude: David Achter de Molten
The band: John Coffey (punk rock-ish)
The place: Pinkpop Festival in Holland

^How’s that for a lazy ass start to a Sunday post. I never claimed I wasn’t a piece of shit.

If you forget the fact that someone was so unimpressed with his performance they hummed a $9 festival beer at his face, this is top notch showmanship. Like the only reason this happened was because someone thought he sucked. No one has ever been like “Helluva performance! Let me show my appreciation by ruining this dude’s day!” But if there’s one way to silence the haters, it’s by bare handing a brew, chugging it, and then tossing it over your shoulder like you knew it was coming. So instead of “that dude sucked,” instead it’s “that dude sucked, but like that whole beer thing was kinda sweet. Overall: D+.” A part of me wanted it to be dip spit. Like I said, I’m a piece of shit.

[H/T LADbible]

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