Tyga Bought Kylie Jenner A $260K Ferrari Spider For Her 18th Birthday–Basically Telling Dudes To BACK OFF

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This was a genius move by Tyga.

You gotta think he’s paranoid as fuck now that his girlfriend is of age and the 2 AM “You up?” texts from thirsty A-list celebs are going to be commonplace for the rest of her life. John Mayer has already hit her up. I don’t have any sources for that information, but I’ve never been more sure about anything in my entire life.

So instead of taking her on a lavish tropical vacation, he buys her a quarter of a million dollar Ferrari 458 convertible as a bargaining chip to stay relevant. Vacations end, memories fade. The Ferrari is a longterm reminder to Kylie that breaking up means coughing up an insanely sexy whip. Make no mistake, this isn’t a gift, this is an investment.

The sports car was presented to Kylie outside a Hollywood dance club where the entire Kardashian clan (+ Kanye) as well as celebs including Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyle Massey, Nash Grier, and Zayn Malik joined in the festivities.

(This is in stark contrast to my 18th birthday, when I ripped a gravity bong in my parents’ basement and got hammered while watching Project X. True story.)

Check out the reveal footage below:

How bout the reporter: “You can be whatever you want, Kylie!” Shut the fuck up, dude.


The big red bow on the gift was Tyga’s birthday Instagram post. I misread the caption to read ‘SHE’S MINE, BROS. MINE!!’


Kylie chillin with Da *GiRlZ* on her 18th.

Almost everyone was jazzed up to celebrate. Almost.

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[h/t TMZ]

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