Brace Yourself USC, Amanda Bynes Says She Wants To Become A Trojan

Amanda Bynes at USC? That’s where she says she plans on transferring after taking a tour of the campus this week.

Wait, didn’t Bynes get kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising? Eh, not important.

According to E! News

“She was on a tour, came in and she was just looking around the cafeteria. She was on a cart tour. She was dressed super casually, but she had her big sunglasses on,” the source said. “She was with just a tour guide and an assistant-type of person. I could tell she was really low key about it all.”

“It was hard to tell if she was happy/excited to be there because of the sunglasses, she was covering the side of her face at a point but nothing too dramatic.”

Students at USC also seemed quite excited to have Amanda on campus with tweets like, “IM WITHHIN 20 FEET OF AMANDA BYNES IM NOT KIDDING SHES TOURING USC.”

TMZ says Amanda wants to enroll in the school as a psych major. That would be interesting.

So who knows? Maybe Bynes will “transfer” to USC. I’m sure nothing could go wrong.