Xzibit Just Shattered This Chick’s Life On Twitter Who Politely Asked Him To Pimp Her Ride

Pimp My Ride was the shit. Nothing like taking a heaping pile of scrap metal and turning it into a heaping pile of scrap metal with a custom paint job and a bubble maker. It was amazing how Xzibit could look the owner in his face and say “Ayo we heard you like bowling, so we took out your engine and put a bowling alley under yo’ hood!” And the dude would be like “But, like, doesn’t the car need an engine to drive?” To which Xzibit would say, “Bruh, you don’t need to drive anywhere when you got a bowling alley unda yo’ hood. The bitches will come to you!” And then we’d all be happy for him, but also wishing that he figures out the engine situation at some point. I’m no mechanic, but I think that’s important.

The show has been off the air for eight years, but apparently still has had a lasting effect on one eager fan who innocently asked X if he’d pimp her ride for ol’ time sake.

Would X show up to her home uninvited to save the day like he has so many times in the past???


I love this so much. Carry on.

[h/t LADbible]

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