Be On The Lookout For This Obvious Warning Sign That You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

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It feels like every item of food these days includes at least a few grams of protein. Companies jam protein in cereal, potato chips, and even cookies. With protein packed into everything that goes into your gut, it’s easy to assume you’re getting the proper amount every day.

There’s also a good chance you could be wrong. If you’re not carefully counting the grams each day, you could be short-changing yourself in the protein department. This will lead to massive issues in every facet of health, including your mental health, especially if you’re incredibly active each day. put together this helpful list of the visible warning signs that you’re not eating enough protein on the daily. If your workouts are suffering, you’re angry as hell all the time, continually nursing injuries, can’t stop snacking and just stopped seeing any real gains, you’re probably going to want to eat a few more egg whites per day.

One of the most significant warning signs, as Active points out, isn’t as apparent as the ones just mentioned. Still, it’s an essential indicator of inadequate protein intake, and it’s right in your face every morning.

Protein is the main component of each strand of hair on our heads and changes in hair — especially if hair starts to thin or fall out — is a key indicator to start chowing down on more lean beef. Active explains that when the body isn’t receiving enough protein, it starts pulling from the non-essential body parts.

So if you see more hair in the drain or suddenly see more visible real estate on the scalp, it’s time to start chugging protein drinks.

For the complete list of warning signs, check out and consult this helpful guide on protein intake based on your size, weight, age and fitness level.

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