Vinny Guadagnino From ‘Jersey Shore’ Looks Almost Unrecognizable In New Shirtless ‘Keto Guido’ Photo

Two years ago, Vinny Guadagnino reintroduced himself to the world as the “Keto Guido” after transforming his body thanks to the Keto diet plan.

Growing up in a big Italian family didn’t naturally lend itself to a carb-free lifestyle―so when Vinny started the ketogenic diet, the transformation to his body was insane.

He started to share his passion for keto eating, dubbed himself the “keto guido,” and began posting his recipes online and eventually published The Keto Guido Cookbook.

Since launching the book, Guadagnino has constantly updated his social accounts with recipes, tips, and progress pics. He’s even helped a fellow castmate drop a ton of weight thanks to his eating plan.

In the latest Instagram update, Vinny looks almost unrecognizable, posing shirtless and showing off a six-pack and comparing the photo to himself back in his “Jersey Shore” heyday.

“The glow up is real… and thank God for #keto,” he writes in the caption accompanying the photo.


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Guadagnino also credits intermittent fasting in helping reach his weight loss goals.

The Keto Guido wrote in a recent IG post:

“I extend my nightly fast that we all do every time we sleep for hours after I wake up and hours before I go to sleep. This way I keep my calories low and get all the health benefits from intermittent fasting.

I’m Italian so I’m also a foodie who likes to feast.

That being said, my little trick is to fast, eat a little bit during the day to survive, and then enjoy a big dinner that I look forward to.”

As far as working out, Guadagnino uses the jump rope for quick workouts and as a stress reliever.


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“Train like you are going to war,” explains Guadagnino. A lot of us are at war with our own minds more so than the world around us. Physical adversity shuts up the inner annoying chatter. It burns off that adrenaline that likes to manifest itself in physical stressful symptoms. It puts you in the present moment. You are not your mind. You’re in control. Get up and move.”

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