BMW’s Futuristic Motorcycle Concept Is So Dope It Makes The Batmobile Look Like A Kia Optima

Yesterday, BMW unveiled a retro-futuristic motorcycle concept that would make Batman soil himself. The Motorrad Vision Next100 is built from a single “flexframe,” a carbon fiber shell that extends from the front to the rear wheel and eliminates the need for traditional motorcycle components like bearings and joints, according to Wired. When the rider turns the handlebars,  the entire flexframe moves with it, to change the direction of the bike. At higher speeds, stronger input is required to change direction, ensuring that slight misdirection at high speeds won’t prove to be dangerous for the rider.

The bike, which will run on futuristic non-gasoline power source, is equipped with artificial intelligence so advanced that the rider need not wear a helmet. The only piece of headwear encouraged is what BMW calls “The Visor,” a pair of glasses that aggregates road data based on your eye movements and returns feedback about road conditions to the rider.

BMW has released only a minimal amount of details on the conceptual motorcycle and hasn’t mentioned anything on when or if the Motorrad Vision Next100 is going into production, but if it hits the market I’m going to pick one up for my impending mid-life crisis.

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