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Catch These Movies FREE On Plex This May Before They’re Gone

Watch these movies free on Plex this month before they're gone

With less than two months to go before our wedding, my fiancee and I have never been busier. Things can get pretty stressful, so it’s nice to have the occasional night with no plans and just kick back and enjoy a movie. Thankfully, Plex has a plethora of movies to choose from for us to unwind. As always, they’re all FREE to watch. Can’t beat that.

Here are some of my personal picks that come off Plex this month, so you won’t want to miss them:

Meatballs (1979)

I went to the same summer camp for 15 years growing up, so I always love a good camp comedy. Maybe my experience wasn’t as crazy as this film, but I also didn’t get to work with Bill Murray. Fair warning: you will not be able to stop humming “Are You Ready for the Summer?” after you watch this classic.



The King of Comedy (1982)

Here’s a hot take: I think Robert De Niro is the greatest actor ever, especially when he does anything with Martin Scorcese (who I think is the greatest director ever). You’ll notice a ton of parallels between this and Joker, which director Todd Phillips said drew a lot from this and Taxi Driver.



Empire Records (1995)

A group of record store employees bands together to keep the store from being bought by a chain. Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger lead the charge in this cast full of familiar faces before they got big. This movie is so 1990s that it hurts. A soundtrack loaded with Gin Blossoms, The Cranberries, and Better than Ezra? I could really go for some Bagel Bites and Fruitopia.



Man on Fire (1987)

Watch Man on Fire (1987) free on Plex this month before it's gone

If you loved the Denzel Washington version in 2004 (which I do), then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the original starring Scott Glenn, Joe Pesci, Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow from Game of Thrones), and Paul Shenar (Sosa from Scarface). This plot is so good that I don’t blame them for remaking it. More remakes, please.



Sommersby (1993)

Watch Sommersby free on Plex this month before it's gone

Laurel Sommersby (Jodie Foster) should be thrilled that her formerly abusive husband Jack (Richard Gere) is back from the Civil War and treating her better than he ever had. There’s just one problem: “Jack” isn’t actually Jack. This film takes quite a few intriguing twists and turns and is a great romantic watch with your partner.


There are a ton of great flicks to love on Plex, from thrills and chills to explosions and fistfights. By the way, it’s all free! What are you waiting for? Sign up at the link below!


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