This Jet Fighter-Inspired 5,000 HP Quad-Turbo Devel Sixteen Hypercar Is Completely Insane

Okay, shut it down. This Devel Sixteen hypercar is officially the most insane car ever produced. Forget Hennessey trying to beat Koenigsegg, Bugatti and McLaren To 300 mph. We’re going to need to coin a new moniker that’s higher than “hypercar” if the Devel Sixteen is where we are headed when it comes to supercars.

The reason this car is called the Devel Sixteen is because (a) it’s made by Devel Motors, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and (b) it’s got a freaking quad-turbo, 5,007 horsepower 12.3 liter V-16 engine (built by drag racing shop Steve Morris Engines).

Watch, and listen, to this thing…

What…the hell?

Oh, and here’s a fun fact for you. The very first Devel Sixteen production car to reach North America… guess who it was delivered to?

If you said Drake, then winner winner chicken dinner for you.

That’s right. Drake is now the proud owner of a car supposedly capable of hitting 320 miles per hour.

I want one.