Graffiti Artist Paints A Nissan 350Z To Look Like It Was Pulled Straight Out Of A Cartoon

Graffiti Artist Paints Nissan 350Z To Look Like A Cartoon

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Ultra-talented graffiti artist Kyle Bryce Monteiro hand-painted the body of a Nissan 350Z to make it look like it came right out of a cartoon. And, you know what? He succeeded, because it really does look like it’s in a cartoon.

According to CarBuzz, the unique design for the Nissan 350Z, created and applied by Florida-based artist Kyle Bryce Monteiro, also known by the moniker KBMER, was inspired by the Japanese street racing manga series Initial D.

Amazingly, Monteiro pulled off the wild design using nothing more than some off-the-shelf Montana Cans spray paint and markers.

He even added a cartoon-like shadow on the floor to complete the look.

“We did it just for the love of cars and Initial D, but also to break the mold on art,” the car’s owner Roy Richardson told CarBuzz, who said he had it done to celebrate his birthday.

KBMER also shared a video that shows him working through each step of the Nissan 350Z’s painting process.

CarBuzz reports that it only took Monteiro a few hours to create the design, which sounds incredible, until you take a look at his social media accounts and see some of the other amazing work he’s done, and not just on cars.