Own The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy From ‘Terminator 2’ And Say ‘Hasta La Vista’ To Your Savings

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Harley-Davidson Bike Terminator 2 Auction


According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Terminator 6’ is in the works. Not even a faulty ticker could keep the action movie legend away from reprising the role of everyone’s favorite futuristic cyborg assassin.

If you’re jacked about the latest installment or classify yourself as a massive Terminator junkie, maybe consider bidding on a piece of movie history. The Harley-Davidson used in the filming of ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ is up for auction. Considered one of the most iconic movie vehicles of all time, Arnold’s black Harley-Davidson Fat Boy was not just in the movie but in almost every marketing and promotional piece leading up to the release of the film back in 1991.

This bike was acquired directly from Carolco Pictures, producers of the film, and the odometer reads just 392 miles. The bike has “some minor scratches, dings, and dents to the front and rear fenders and fork”, all occurring during the shooting of the film, and the saddle has a few small tears in the vinyl.

The auction house admits to “not checking the mechanicals” so it’s not a sure thing that the bike is in running condition but with under 400 miles of wear-and-tear how bad could any potential issues be?

Starting bid for the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy bike used in ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ is $200,000. If that’s a little pricey, here’s some other movie memorabilia that might be more in your budget.

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