Take Advantage Of Black Friday Pricing On Great Lighting For Your Home Or Office

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LED lighting has changed the way we illuminate our lives. These small diodes are incredibly energy efficient and able to last years without having to be replaced. However, efficiency and longevity aren’t the only benefits of LEDs. They’re also just flat-out cool. LEDs are able to dynamically shift between countless light combinations, delivering the perfect colors for any mood, and enhancing whichever room they sit in. 

The minimalist LED Floor Lamp from Lamp Depot is as cool as they come. This floor lamp tucks discretely into any corner and delivers stunning combinations of colors. Best of all, it’s 20% off this Black Friday when you use promo code BFSAVE20 at checkout. With this coupon, you can snag a single lamp for $71.99, a two-pack for $127.99, a four-pack for $247.99, or a six-pack for $375.99.

These lamps are incredible. Their space-saving, ultra-modern, minimalist design fits snugly in any corner.  Finished with high-quality metal the lamps are both elegant and beautiful when on or off. A weighted rubber base ensures stability and safety.

The integrated soft white LEDs are powerful. Capable of producing more than 16 million colors and lasting more than 50,000 hours. The intuitive remote makes shuffling through all of the color options a breeze. In addition to a practically endless assortment of colors, the lamps also come programmed with more than 300 beautiful multi-colored effects to find the perfect lighting for any room. 

LED lighting has revolutionized not only the energy efficiency of lighting, but also how we stylize it. Take your home or office to the next level with fully customizable accent lighting offered by a minimalist LED floor lamp.


Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp (6-Pack) – $469.99

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