Ariel Winter Says She’s ‘Single AF,’ So Better Get Your Game Up Right Now (PICS)

The alluring Ariel Winter is single and very ready to mingle. The 18-year-old Modern Family star was rumored to be dating fellow actor and longtime friend Sterling Beaumon, which I had no idea because I don’t follow the gossip rags like a nosybody hen. Sterling played a young Benjamin Linus in Lost, and who could forget his iconic role in Who Let the Ghosts Out? (Never heard of it, but it’s got a timely title for the year 2001). Well, the awesome Ariel is not with that dude and I know this because she told the world on her Twitter.

“Everyone thinking I’m taken when I’m just over here like hi I’m single AF,” she wrote with a GIF of a cartoon slice of bread popping out of a toaster.

Who wouldn’t want to butter that bread?

Well, that sucks for that Sterling dude. It must not be fun to be put in the friendzone by Ariel Winter. And it must sting extra hard that she did it in public.

So here’s your chance fellas, get your game right and woo the lovely Miss Winter.