Tyga’s Ex Demi Rose Shows She’s Single Again With These Eye-Popping Bikini Pics

So Tyga got back with Kylie after his short stint of dating Demi Rose, aka Kylie 2.0. It’s a baffling decision to me considering with Demi, Tyga had all the looks with none of the drama that comes with being a Kardashian publicity pawn.

The 21-year-old model has consistently proved that she deserves to be no one’s sloppy seconds and if she’d ever find it in her heart to accept my date request, I think I could show her an extremely forgettable time.

Nonetheless, Demi has been posting some fire Instagram photos recently, and whether she’s trying to show Tyga what she’s missing or she’s trying to prod me into asking her to get a few drinks at Chili’s. It’s a toss up really.


A few more pics, for good measure.



Sweet baby Jesus.

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