That Hot Drug Mule Who Got Caught Smuggling $30 Million In Cocaine Was A Nude Model And There Are Pics

Remember those two lovely lasses above? Of course you do. Who could forget Melina Roberge, 22, and Isabelle Lagacé, 28, the two bikini-clad drug mules who attempted to smuggle over $30 million worth of cocaine into Australia. YEAH! GIRL POWER!

For the past two months, these sexy ladies from Quebec were aboard the luxury cruise ship MS Sea Princess. To live the easy life of cruising from one exotic locale to another costs $20,000 a ticket. The luxury cruise started in Britain and visited places like Colombia (Hmm, wonder what souvenirs they got there?) before sailing to New Zealand and then Australia.

A search of the ship by Australian law enforcement led to the discovery 200 pounds of cocaine in the suitcases of Isabelle, Melina and a 63-year-old man named André Tamine.

Not exactly doing a great job of hiding all that nose candy. The drug bust was the largest seizure in Australia of narcotics carried by passengers of a cruise ship or airliner.

That extremely poor decision may put the two gals behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Apparently, Isabelle was a nude model by the name of “Izabel” (Way to throw everyone off your tracks with that name change there) on the risque site Flashy Babes (NSFW-ish). Izabel was 19-years-old at the time of her photoshoots and Izabel has 11 videos and 171 photos on the site. She has a rating on the site of 74%. Not too shabby

Flashy Babes says that Izabel is 5’5″ and boasts measurements of 34B-25-36.

“I loved the whole experience!!! I wish I could do it repeatedly,” Izabel said of her naked photoshoot. “When I first met Franca, I really felt confident that it would be cool doing a shooting with her even if I didn’t really know what to.”

Meanwhile, an ex-boyfriend of Melina Roberge described her as a “superficial woman always turned on by money and on the look-out for a sugar daddy.”

People close to Roberge said she was “all about money, money, money”

“It was all about money with her and she was dating older men too because they had the cars and the power to give her the lifestyle she wanted badly,” he said. “She just wanted the best things but as far as I knew she never worked for them and had a steady job.”

The moral of the story is don’t be so greedy. Try to smuggle smaller amounts of cocaine and don’t go for the big home run by trying to mule 20 pounds of coke. The best scenario is to ingest small baggies of booger sugar to avoid being caught. Don’t these people watch Locked Up Aborad?