Check Out A Bunch Of Sexy GIFs Of Kate Upton Wearing Next To Nothing In This Year’s SI Swimsuit Issue

Now that we know whether or not Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have sex before and after his starts it’s time to focus on more important issues.

It’s time to get back to something we touched on Wednesday: the fact that Kate Upton, while appearing in this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue, didn’t actually wear a whole lot in the way of actual swimsuits.

Now we already shared with you, our dear reader, many of the videos and photos of Upton in these stages of undress, but one person went and took things a step further.

This person, this internet hero, pulled together a collection of sizzling hot GIFs of Upton from the issue. And we all know how great sexy GIFs can be, right?

Yeah, well, here are 11 of the best GIFs this wonderful person was able to gather…

Check out the rest of the GIFs right over here.