Klay Thompson’s New Lady, Brittany Lucio, Was A Former Miss USA Contestant And Can Flat Out Hoop

by 9 months ago

Instagram Composite

It’s been a couple months since Klay Thompson was lurking in the Instagram stories of ‘thirst trap’ model Angela Nicole. It was well received, as Angela claimed her “p*ssy was throbbing” upon finding out about the deep creep.

Well, since then, Klay has secured his second world championship and appears to have moved his focus to Brittany Lucio, a former Miss USA contestant from California back in 2015. She can also ball out of control.

Klay has reportedly been practicing ball with his new girlfriend, who is  a dual threat: looks and athletic prowess. She’s got a bit of Jada Pinkett mixed with a splash of Janet Jackson. The result is fine by me.

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