The Miami Cocktail Waitress Reggie Bush Reportedly Knocked Up Is Shady AF

Reggie Bush is in quite the pickle because of his pickle. Back in November, we reported that a club cocktail waitress by the name of Monique Exposito claims that she’s pregnant and Reggie Bush is the man who knocked her up. The story gets dicey when you consider that Reggie Bush is married to Lilit Avagyan with whom he has two children with.

Monique claims that Reggie offered her $3 MILLION to abort the baby, but she did not follow through. (For context, $3 million is double his 2016 salary). This is a path that is out the window now anyway, considering the baby is set to be due in February.

The morals and motives of Monique have been brought into question by various sources. According to Inquisitr, Monique has craved for a child with a famous athlete for years in an attempt to be like one of the Kardashians. Years back, she allegedly had an affair with Alonzo Mourning, even undergoing fertility treatments to increase her chances at getting pregnant.

To add to the shadiness, it has come to light that she too is married.

According to TMZ,

Now, we’ve learned Monique was married at the time of the alleged tryst — and her husband is PISSED. He’s filed for divorce and it’s clear from the docs he’s convinced Bush is the father of her unborn kid.

He’s named Bush several times in his divorce papers and is demanding she hand over any documentation proving he could be the father … such as DNA tests, confidentiality agreements or payments he may have made to her.

The husband also notes he didn’t have sex with his wife around the time of conception — so there’s no way HE could be the daddy.

A rep for Bush had previously called the baby allegations “rumors” and noted he’s still “happily married.”

We’ve also learned a lawyer for the husband reached out to Reggie’s camp to try work out a private deal to keep the NFL star’s name out of the court papers. Obviously, no deal was reached.

This is one giant shit sandwich for every one involved. Can’t be a good ego boost when that kid eventually finds out his alleged daddy tried to pay his mom $3 million to abort him.

But his daddy is an idiot. For cheating on this.

[h/t TMZ]

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