Miranda Kerr Once Again Proves Being Naked Really Is The Best Way To Sell Shoes

Miranda Kerr with a high-level lesson in Shoe Marketing.

Forget putting athletes in your tennis shoes, Reebok has this thing all figured out. Naked supermodels is where it’s at and very few supermodels like to get naked more than Miranda Kerr.

(This fact has been proven.)

Hell, it was over a year ago when we first saw Miranda Kerr modeling for Reebok and she was naked back then too.

It’s kind of her thing I guess since we’ve also seen her go topless to sell other products.

Anyway, I suppose the message Reebok is trying to send here is that if you buy their shoes you’ll be just that much closer to being able to touch a naked supermodel… or something. (Hell, you can’t hardly even see the shoes and I want to buy 18 pair right now.)

You like that caption? “😉 @reebok.” Boom! 100,000 pairs of shoes sold, just like that. Way more than this photo sold, that’s for damn sure.