The Prostitute Who Lamar Odom Chose At The Brothel Reveals Lamar Had No Interest In Sex, Despite Her Best Efforts


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It’s been one year this week since Lamar Odom suffered from an ischemic stroke after a multi-day crack cocaine binge at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Nevada that nearly claimed his life.

The former Lakers star had arranged to pay two sex workers $75,000 for a five-day around the clock “girlfriend experience” package at Love Ranch, a brothel frequented by high-profile celebrities for having the reputation of maintaining confidentiality.

Monica Monroe, one of the sex workers Odom hand-picked to spend the weekend with, recently wrote about her experience with Odom inside the VIP suite of the ranch in the Bunny Ranch blog. The media storm that surrounded this story was so intense initially that Monroe was ridiculed to the point where she changed her identity. But now, a year removed, Monroe gave her detailed recollection of the biggest story of 2015.

Monroe writes, via the Bunny Ranch blog:

Nothing happened sexually between me and Lamar, or between Lamar and any other sex worker, during his stay at the Love Ranch last October.

When Lamar arrived at the ranch and we all lined up for him, I was really excited. He’s a tall, gorgeous man and when he kept looking at me as he was deciding on which girls to join him for some fun, I just knew he was going to pick me from the lineup. He did! He also chose Ryder Cherry and the two of us took him to the VIP suite to negotiate a price. Throughout this whole process Lamar was in a fantastic mood and I became increasingly excited about the great time we all were about to have. We decided on $75,000 for Ryder and I to be exclusive to him for the duration of his stay.

Editor’s Note: Here’s a picture of Monica and Ryder. Ryder Cherry is Love Ranch’s #1 prostitute.

The three of us spent a short amount of time watching TV in the VIP suite, and then Lamar asked if he could have some time alone. We left him alone for an hour and then returned. He then asked us if he could have another 45 minutes alone. He spent a lot of time alone during his stay (we now know why), but I was determined to have sex with him. I was attracted to him and I wanted to give it to him good. On the second day of his stay it looked as if I would have my chance.

In between Lamar’s spurts of requested isolation, the first day was spent mostly chatting and drinking Hennessy. Lamar and I made a connection because we both were a little lonely due to recent losses in our lives: I had recently lost my boyfriend of eight years to a shooting and he was distraught over his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian. On the second day, he appeared friskier, grabbing our butts and complementing our “heart shaped asses.” We laughed, compared our shoe sizes, and ate KFC (Lamar bought KFC for the entire ranch staff.)

As we were playing around, I took the opportunity to strip him naked and gave him a full body massage. I was determined to have my way with his ample sized penis, but he just couldn’t get it up. No matter what we did, and we did a lot, neither Ryder nor myself could sexually arouse Lamar.

No sex occurred while Lamar was at the Love Ranch. We talked, we laughed, and we shared our sorrows, but we didn’t have sex.


Yo Lamar, I know your decision-making a year back wasn’t exactly perfect, but if you’re going to spend more than most Americans make in a year at a brothel, at least get it wet. If not for you, for America. Just some food for thought for the future.

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