Sharon Stone Is 59 Years Old And Looks Fantastic In Swimwear

by 2 years ago


Sharon Stone is a national treasure. I’ll never forget her performance alongside Michael Douglas in 1992’s epic thriller Basic Instinct, in which she received her first Golden Globe nomination and reinforced to me at a very young age that I was destined to be a heterosexual male. Thanks for that, Shar (what her friends call her).

Sharon has wowed audiences for decades, most notably her for her performances in Martin Scorsese’s Casino and Oliver Stone’s Scarface. Most celebrities who have amassed a plethora of success early on burn out quickly, turning to alcohol, drugs, and botched plastic surgery to fill the void. Not Shar. No no no. At 59 years old, Sharon Stone has officially joined Elizabeth Hurley (51), Jennifer Lopez (47), and Suzanne Somers (70) on the Mount Rushmore of 45+ bombshells. Sorry Judge Judy, you’ve been bounced.

Welcome to the club, Ms. Stone.

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