Here’s How To Do ‘The Shocker’ (2 In The Pink, 1 In The Stink) In American Sign Language



Bros, I’ve just stumbled on to the greatest YouTube tutorial in existence and learned how to do ‘The Shocker’ in ASL (and many other ridiculous phrases).

Do I have any practical use for knowing how to sign ‘The Shocker’ in American Sign Language? Absolutely not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the only thing of value that I’ve learned this week. I implore you to snoop around a bit on her YouTube channel after learning how to sign ‘The Shocker’ in ASL because it’s PURE GOLD, but on Monday I’ll be bringing you a ‘best of’ round up on the most important (and offensive) things I’ve learned to sign in ASL (like semen werewolf and titty sprinkles).


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