Amy Schumer Has A New Special Out And New Accusations That She Stole Jokes From Dave Chappelle

It’s that time again. When Amy Schumer releases a new comedy special and then in come accusations that she stole jokes. Her new Netflix special is titled “The Leather Special,” and it is getting crushed with bad reviews. Matt informed you of all of the spectacularly bad reviews on Netflix. Even the YouTube clip of the special has 376 Likes compared to 3,750 Dislikes. Not exactly the percentage of Likes to Dislikes that media companies are seeking. To make things worse, there is a new video of Schumer that shows striking comparisons to other comedians.

Now if this was the first accusation of joke theft by Amy Schumer it would be one thing, but there are several instances. There were the jokes said to have been stolen from the late great Patrice O’Neal, John Mulaney, and Marc Maron. Then there were allegations that Schumer stole jokes from three female comics.

Schumer has responded to those accusations by saying, “On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke” and by appearing on The Jim Norton Advice Show. Comedian Jim Norton did defend Schumer, who is a friend and the two have done standup shows together.

One of the alleged stolen jokes is from a little-known comedian, I’ve doubt you’ve ever heard of him… Dave Chappelle? Jesus Amy, if you’re going rip off jokes steal them from some unknown comic like Rich Vos, not Dave fucking Chappelle. One of Amy’s jokes is similar to her friend and fellow comedian Dave Attell. It is a bit about how being blackout drunk is similar to time travel, but to be fair to Amy, this is a concept that has been discussed before and could easily be a coincidence or parallel thinking. However, the Chappelle joke from 2005 about silly places to ejaculate when a woman asks a man to cum seems almost identical as Schumer’s stand-up. Even Chappelle’s punchline of “fishbowl” is better than Schumer’s line of “jar.”

But the video spotlights not just theft from standup comedy, it also shows that Schumer’s upcoming movie Snatched appears to have similar jokes to Portlandia and Space Balls.

Say what you want, but you gotta admit that when Amy Schumer talks about her vagina you literally piss your pants from laughing so hard.