This Army Bro Surprising His Mom After A Tour Overseas Is A Reminder Of Who The True American Heroes Are

As we are being swarmed with news reports about Ryan Lochte being an idiot, a liar, or both, we’re failing to consider who the true American heroes are. No one has been able to go on the internet this week without the barrage of reports about one of our ‘American Golden Boys,’ while the true heroes often go unheralded. This Army bro just served his country during a tour overseas and came home to his unsuspecting mother, who embraced him as only a mother knows how. Sure, this video may not go viral and I doubt this bro will get a seat on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week, but it’s reassuring to know that another one of America’s bravest has made it home safe and sound.

And let’s throw in one more for good measure, and add a pooch to the mix.