This Autistic Bro’s Blissful Reaction To A Cheerleader Asking Him To Prom Will Make You Feel Feelings


Well wasn’t that just 56 seconds of smiles. In a time where the ‘Damn Daniel‘ meme has become the most prevalent thing in our society and has made me question my job as a viral news curator, something like this comes along and the internet TOTALLY REDEEMS itself. Right as I was moving all my shit out of the Internet’s place, she comes home with a cold six-pack and some lingerie and I’m reduced to a puddle.

Anyone who has a high school diploma knows that we’re fast approaching the most stressful time of the year–that time when your social standing is entirely reflective on who you bring to prom. Locking down an attractive cheerleader with a heart of gold for the big dance is like scoring the game-winning touchdown on Homecoming after finding out you got into the got into the college of your choice, full-ride. What a time to be this kid. Cut a rug, bro. Cut a ma’fuckin rug.