Best First Dates Ever: Total Strangers Rip The Bong, Get Baked, And Ask Each Other Hilarious First Date Questions

First dates are typically awkward as hell unless there’s some sort of booze or cannabis/weed involved to take the edge off. The formality of getting to know someone who you might be having sex with in the next several hours is enough to make anyone act a little bit awkward.

In fact, just attempting to ‘be yourself’ is enough to fuck some people up in the head because they then fixate on what their true self even acts like, and it’s a mental battle of ‘who the fuck am I?’ while trying to sound interesting in front of a complete stranger.

The folks over at Cut Video figured out how to make first dates a lot less awkward and all it involves is having people get to know one another while ripping the bong. If this concept sounds vaguely familiar it’s because Cut Video’s the same team who produced ‘Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time‘ and ‘Exes Play Truth-Or-Drink‘.

Cut Video‘s pioneered the YouTube video format of ‘get fucked up and do things people want to see’. They seem to have found a format that really works, and I wholeheartedly support their efforts to get people fucked up on camera and do interesting things.