We’ve All Tried To Fight Our Own Reflection When Hammered Drunk Like This Russian Guy In A Grocery Store

drunk man fight mirror reflection eggs

Here’s a video of a drunk – or possibly stoned – dude who’s got himself a dozen eggs and a problem with the prick who’s refusing to let him get by…

How ballsy of the kid recording the whole debacle in the background. Although, I guess if the guy can’t tell he’s running into himself, he probably can’t tell there’s a bro turning him into a viral video either.

While the low road takes you to making fun of this guy for basically being a cat or dog for almost two minutes, did you see his one eye? That can’t help at all.

Also, it’s hard to tease him when I’ve definitely tried to fight my reflection no less than a half a dozen times. Sure, more times than not, I know it’s me, but that don’t change a damn thing, NEAL! F*CK YOU, BRO!

Recently, we told you that scientists have finally quantified exactly how fun it is to get drunk and it’s a safe bet that my man in the mirror jumped the shark and exceed the peak point of fun. But, hey, at least he didn’t try to feed himself to a bear. Seeing as he’s in Russia, that might’ve been next on his to-do list. Followed by some Weekend at Bernie’s-ing. In case you forgot, Russia’s where drunk grandpas throw down in broad daylight.

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