This Dude Has Created Some Of The Most Glorious Jordan Crying Memes On The Internet, And It’s 2016 So That’s Cool

I think I can speak for most of us when I say I’ve come full circle on the Jordan memes. It is one of the only internet fads that have endured the entire range of emotions–funny, kinda funny, played out, infuriating, wait are we still doing this?, funny again. But most of our Jordan memes are slapdick jobs hastily made after sporting events in favor of being the first talking head on Twitter to show just how industrious and ironically clever we are, thus getting more red hearts. These internet points are how we value ourselves nowadays. Facebook wall posts are the new birthday gifts. I demand a mini pony this year bitches.

Anyhoo, Jordan meme. The folks over at Deadspin recently interviewed the best Jordan meme artist on the world wide webs. I hate that I used the phrase ‘best Jordan meme artist on the internet’ seriously, but I hate even more how impressed I was with his work. Especially when you consider the piss poor job I did making Rebecca Martinson’s bowl-cutted 3rd grade yearbook photo into a sob fest.


The dude’s name is Bryce Wood, and aside from making some of the most creative Jordan memes to really capture the trials and tribulations of being a professional athlete, Bryce makes a living servicing metal fabricating and repair devices In Meriden, Kansas.

Check out his finest work here. Not his work with metal, of course, that would be boring. But with ultimately trivial Jordan memes. Making good of the one of the world’s most important resources is erroneous compared to cheap internet giggles.

[h/t Deadspin]

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