Driver Films Himself Going 115 MPH On Facebook Live And All His Friends Saw Him Get Seriously Injured After Crashing

It should be noted that the dude survived this crash. 20-year-old Onasi Olio-Rojas is currently in critical condition in a Rhode Island hospital and will likely pull through.

Here’s a recollection of the incident, via NBC 10 News:

According to authorities, Olio-Rojas was driving eastbound on Dean Street in Providence when he rear ended the truck.

Witnesses told police he was driving erratically when he lost control of his car, which spun sideways and then hit the truck. The car then shot across the road and crashed into the Jersey barrier.

Rescue crews had to extricate Olio-Rojas from the vehicle, but the driver of the truck was not injured.

I don’t want to add insult to injury here but if you’re weaving through traffic going 110-115 mph and not responding to a “My roommates just left for a bit…;)” text, you shouldn’t be on the road. Do what you will to harm yourself, but when you’re endangering others in an attempt to be a big swinging dick, you should be tried in a court of law, when you’re able to walk again, that is. IS NO ONE READING THIS ‘BABY ON BOARD’ BUMPER STICKER?!

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