Watch A Dump Truck Get Rammed Right In The Bumper By A Semi And Take It Like A Champ

As a kid growing up, you probably played with toy trucks and you most likely took those toy trucks and rammed them together. You re-enacted bloody accidents and crashes that would leave few to no survivors. Now, you’re childish destruction has come to life in this video featuring a dump truck doing a little stop and go in traffic on a highway only to be rammed from behind by a semi-trailer truck that is all go, bro.

According to the dashcam footage, the accident took place on June 27th, just before 10am on a highway that has an exit to Route 456 in Franklin County, which is south central Pennsylvania, near the Maryland border. You can see some damage to the front right side of the semi, but that dump truck looks good as new. Do we even need to exchange info? That’s what I imagine the dump truck driver yelled from his cab as he scoffed at the butthurt semi.

Fortunately, in this crash, we didn’t lose 40,000 pounds of Popeye’s Biscuits. Unfortunately, neither truck was carrying gas canisters, so we didn’t get a 10-minute, non-stop parade of explosions. If truck fails are your cargo, check out this compilation. If you’re more intrigued by the men and women who drive trucks for a living because their open road stories are off the charts, check out this article that will truck stop your heart.


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