Drunk Driver Runs Himself Over With His Own Truck While Leaving Strip Club (Video)

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I first covered this story late last month, back when Florida police enforcement was still looking to arrest this man. At the time this story first broke there wasn’t footage, we just knew that police were looking for a 28-year-old man who had left the strip club and run himself over with his own truck after falling out of the front seat.

Further details have since emerged regarding this bizarre and completely preventable incident. One thing of note is strip club security had allegedly tried to persuade 28-year-old William Edwards not to drive because he’d drank too much. Based on this footage I’d say that they didn’t try too hard to stop him from getting behind the wheel because we can clearly see this drunk jabroni fall out of the driver’s seat and run himself over.

Only in Florida:

This story would’ve been a cautionary tale if all that happened was he fell out of the truck drunk and ran himself over, but it didn’t end there. The truck then rolled away and crashed into a nearby house, injuring a woman who required hospitalization. Investigators were able to track this genius down because he’d left his driver’s license at the strip club before leaving drunk and fleeing the scene of an accident. And because there’s no concrete proof that he was actually drunk at the time of the crash, even though the strip club security allegedly warned him not to drive because he’d drank so much, the suspect has only been charged with leaving the scene of a crash.

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