FREE UBERS FOR LIFE: Breathalyzer Test Will Call You A Free Uber If You’re Too Drunk To Drive

by 5 years ago
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Uber is here to help make choosing a safe alternative a more appealing choice, even when you’re blackout.

A Canadian branch of the company is offering free rides to keep people from driving shitfaced. Uber set up a prototype kiosk in Toronto coined “Uber Safe,” a black box that dispenses a disposable straw for the potential rider to blow into. The user must blow for six seconds (shit, I’m a smoker), and the kiosk then calculates the blood alcohol level.

When I gave it a shot after a casual night out with coworkers, the reading said,

“Please seek medical attention.”

Silly machine.

Once the kiosk determines that you’re impaired, it presents them with a screen to hail an Uber driver, who will pick them up at the kiosk location FOR FREE. Shit, I may just get hammered for the free ride to church. Reason #1,389,281 to get drunk in the morning.

Uber plans to roll out this feature in more locations, and when it comes to New York, I plan on blowing the high score.

[H/T Daily Dot]

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