Chick Uses Donald Trump Quotes About ISIS To Shut Down Guy Asking Her If They’re Exclusive

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Girl Uses Trump ISIS quotes texting

Twitter / cassbwell

You have to respect her dedication to curving this dude. When Cassandra Blackwell, 22, was asked by one of her gentleman suitors how many other guys she’s talking to at the moment she didn’t beat around the bush because she recognizes that life is short and ‘alpha moves only’ is a mantra to live by.

She went all in, dropping one of Donald Trump‘s more famous recent quotes about ISIS and the threat they pose to our modern world, instantly curving this dude back to wherever he came from:

Girl uses Trump quotes

Twitter / cassbwell

It’s sad that they gave out the Nobel Prizes this week because @cassbwell should’ve be nominated for one due to this fine work on her behalf:

Furthermore, she’s kinda hot, huh?

Brains and a body.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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