Girls Shared What They Think Are The Best Activities For A First Date So Get Ready To Take Notes

Unlike most “Ask Reddits” today’s topic might be of actual use to us bros somewhere down the road. Instead of weird stories of masturbation or roommate horror stories, today we learn straight from the female mouth, “Girls of Reddit: what do you think are the best activities for a first date?

Here are some of the top responses to help all you Casanovas out the next time you are lucky enough to hook up….

I like anything with an activity built in so if you get a bit of awkward silence you can just pretend to be concentrating on whatever. i.e. cooking class together, ice skating, that kind of stuff. Even if the date sucks, maybe you learned to cook polenta. ~ punnettsquaresrule

Bowling. You can enjoy a few beers, laugh at how bad you are together and check out their butt without them seeing you. Win win! ~ PsychTest

The zoo. Lots to talk about. You’re not just sitting face to face chatting. Its amusing. This was our first date and stayed together 10 years. ~ falulaflowers

Anything you can focus on fully OR talk while half-assing. Either way, it allows for good flow. Things like: Pool/billiards/snooker, mini-golf, walking, attending a food festival or fair, wine/beer/food tasting, canoeing, fishing, darts, zoo/aquarium. ~ elligirl

It depends on how well you know the person and how comfortable you are with them, but one guy took me to an escape room for our first date, and then for board games at a cafe.

We had a great time, and I was very impressed.

EDIT: I live in Toronto. An escape room is a game where a small group (2-8ish people) get locked in a room and have to use the clues in the room to solve puzzles in order to escape. You have about an hour to get out. ~ lucciolaa

I do coffee. Can end really quickly if it’s going sour, or it can be prolonged if it’s going well. ~ PartyAtGatsbys

Hiking! You get to wander with someone, have good conversation, and enjoy being outside. Hiking dates are always my favorite dates. ~ mamyd

A state or county fair! There’s so much to do and see, like food and rides. You can even hint at wanting a stuffed animal and he could try winning it for you. It sounds cliche, but I swear it’s super fun. ~ ellelta

Ice skating is definitely the best date. It’s fairly cheap and cute. It’s a pretty interactive activity I can pretend I’m bad at ice skating and lock onto their arms or hold hands. ~ eyevawn

Arcade: I think anything light and competitive can break the ice. Also the co-op games would be fun.

Carnival: the rides and you could win each other stuffed animals!

The zoo: who doesn’t like animals?

Coffee or beers at a quiet bar is a nice way to just chat and get to know another. ~ BTSD15

Attending an exhibition or a street event might be a happy medium: less pressure to talk all the time when having a drink, but more time to talk than movies. ~ frenchybop

I like bars to be completely honest. Yeah, creative, whatever. I like drinking and I really enjoy getting to know someone in a casual environment. I want to know them for them, later on we can do some of the more cool/fun stuff (like go-karts etc) but my main objective on a first date is to figure out what I want from you. No frills, no whistles, no guilting me with fancy dinners – just some beers. ~ rainbowbarfff

This next one is definite marriage material…

I feel bad when people spend money on me, and personally I fucking hate dressing all fancy for a date. I love video games, and I’d honestly prefer to order a cheap pizza that probably tastes like shit and start a co-op. Also pause screen make out sessions are probably the best. ~ amakurt

Not sure why this one below didn’t get more votes…

A line of coke and buttsex. ~ MyKidsHaveGonorrhea

Of course, some dude just had to chime in, but based on the number of upvotes the ladies must have liked it…

Not a girl but I always take a girl for a walk in the park on the first date. Then I carve our initials into a tree.

It’s the romantic way of letting her know you have a knife. ~ edmanet

If these don’t help you out the next time you have a first date then I suppose there really is no hope for you.

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