Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To This Guy Who Got Hit By A Car So Hard I’m Surprised He’s Not Dead

I consider myself a decently enterprising individual. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to make a couple of extra bucks. You never know when you’re going to need it on a rainy day. A couple of bucks stashed away here and there never hurt anybody, especially when you wake up on the Sunday after payday and realize that you accidentally spent your entire paycheck on top shelf tequila and pretty depressing handjobs at your favorite strip club.

However, that being said, there are definitely some things I wouldn’t do for money. Like this dude who clearly purposely ran in front of a car for the insurance money.

So that guy’s got internal bleeding. Probably everywhere. His body is just a meat sack full of blood. If that guy walked into the corner of my dining room table, he’d probably pop and drain like a water balloon or one of the pimples you used to get on your face on class picture day during high school. Listen, like I said, there’s not much I wouldn’t do for some cash. Hell, for a few hundred grand, I’d probably suck a dude’s dick. It’s 2016, that’s not even a big deal anymore. But throwing myself face-first into a moving car in the middle of an intersection, probably not. Mostly because no one’s paying me to do anything except to get-away from them when my face looks like a Picasso painting. There’s a line you have to be willing to not cross because otherwise, where does it end?

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