There’s A Reason Why There’s A Hole In The Middle Of Your Spaghetti Server Is Actually Pretty Smart



With over 35% of Americans falling into the “obese” category it’s unsurprising to hear that our portion sizes are completely bonkers – from restaurant entrees totaling at over 2,000 calories per meal, to fast food restaurants racing each other to see what other gluttonous concoction they can come up with next, the United States needs a wake-up call.

…not that said call is going to come from here, but someone should really dial us up and tell us to start eating less.

Case in point: think about the last time you ate pasta at a restaurant. Think about how much spaghetti was on your plate and the stomach cramps you got after plowing through the entire thing. Now look at this photo of what the recommended portion of spaghetti per person is…

[protected-iframe id=”c21955ecb6e832f06a1cd5baa5b11c2a-97886205-92829036″ info=”″ width=”500″ height=”626″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no”]

…and cry in shame as you probably haven’t limited yourself to that amount of pasta since you were 10.

But yes, apparently that’s what the hole in the middle of your spaghetti server is for. Or, if you’re a lazy twat who doesn’t own a strainer, it’s also there so that you can use the server as a janky way to pull spaghetti straight from the pot to your plate without having a gallon of water come along with it.

This has been another installment in Things You Don’t Know, Don’t Care About But Clicked On Anyway Because “Fuck It.”

[H/T Mirror]

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