This Hottie’s Johnny Depp Cosplay Is So Spot On I’m Beginning To Think I Have A Crush On Johnny Depp

The cosplay world is a deep-seeded fascination of mine that I’ve yet to explore. But I will. Because I’ve been caught in the middle of a cosplay convention and I’ve learned that I will never love anything as much as those people like playing dress up and fraternizing with each other. It seems like Halloween without the drinking and double the sex, because my brain doesn’t let me believe any other scenario than a giant fuck fest ensuing after the cosplay assembly, or whatever goes on.

And as I’ve learned today, cosplay doesn’t simply attract the pseudo-outcasts from your high school, but also interests certified babez like Alyson Tabbitha (pictured above).

Alyson’s Instagram account is filled with her dressing in elaborate cosplay outfits that result in spitting images of the characters she attempts to portray.

This is Alyson:

This is also Alyson, disguised as Johnny Depp:

This sparks a weird boner:

A weirder boner:

A weirdest boner:

This dog has a boner:

Fuck bars and clubs, I’m going to meet my wife at Cosplay 2016. If that’s a thing.

Check out our own Brandon Cohen attending the San Diego cosplay 2015 and generally looking like he doesn’t belong.

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