Korean Statue Depicts A Jesus So Jacked It Looks Like His Last Supper Was Pure Protein

korean jesus statue


Graphic depiction and recreations of Jesus Christ have always portrayed the son of God as a thin but shredded deity.

In this depiction of God on Earth, Jesus is swole as HELL.

Art is up for interpretation but it’s easy to interpret that this statue’s creator imaged that Jesus spent his time pumping iron as preaching.

As one IMGUR commentor put it…

“And verily did Jesus lift on every day; and lo, he skippeth not leg day. And there was much rejoicing and yelling of ‘bro!’.”

This certainly isn’t your grandma’s Jesus.

I’m envious of his symmetry, but his vascularity leaves a lot to be desired. Yeah, you got that right, I am critiquing your physique, Korean Jesus. What are you going to do about it?

However, he is impressive and I think we all know how Korean Jesus answers the question of “Do you even lift, Bro?” A resounding, “DUH!”

It’s unclear what this jacked Jesus did to get into shape exactly. It’s possible he’s doing Jiu-Jitsu like Wiz Khalifa who is so jacked now we barely recognize him.

It is also possible that he’s following Ryan Reynolds’ trainer’s advice and lost weight by getting a good night’s sleep.

Now that Jesus is over 2,018-years-old he might benefit from following the training advice of Sylvester Stallone’s personal trainer who uses these tactics for keeping the 72-year-old man in shape.

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