A Legal Sex Worker Did A Reddit AMA And Revealed How Much She Makes Per Session And Where Can I Sign Up?

A legal sex worker who is employed at Dennis Hoff’s infamous Love Ranch in Carson City, Nevada recently did a Reddit AMA detailing her experience working in an industry where the greatest mystique. She covers everything from giving advice to all the virgins out there to discussing how much she makes per customer. Check out the entirety of the AMA here, but I’ve aggregated some interesting tidbits below.

I went to Little Darlings once in Vegas, and a girl just sat with me and talked for two hours after I informed her that I will not be buying dances that night and she didn’t ask me to. Even in the sex field, do girls get feelings for their customers?

Yes, probably. It’s hard to not to have feelings, especially with your regulars. It’s unprofessional to catch the feels for a client though, you never know if he has another woman that he takes care of at home. My clients come to see me because they know I’m safe and I won’t create drama about our love life. Think of it as friends with benefits!

What do you make on an average customer? And what does your build consist of!

Typically I make 4-5 figures, that’s the cool thing about being a high end/ legal prostitute. I accommodate 3 figure budgets as well but I’d rather more be invested so that me and my partner don’t have to rush things!

I am living comfortably by working roughly one week on/ one week off year round.

Being a 19 y/o virgin I am curious as to what the biggest tip you would give your clients?

Be authentic. Communicate your sexual/ emotional needs in a reasonable and honest manner. If you’re 100% candid with someone that you’re interested in then they will appreciate that, and it saves time because if you aren’t yourself and reel someone in that way it doesn’t work for long at all. Be patient, have a standard and develop good socializing skills by putting yourself in social situations you normally wouldn’t find yourself in. Of course that depends if you’re introverted/ extroverted. Be confident, this attracts ladies.


Do you find it difficult to develope or hold serious relationships while doing this work? Assuming this is something you want.

I have been single for a few years and I prefer it that way. I love the freedom of being able to be my own person, but I’m open to a possible relationship after my career path has changed.

Some long term girls are married or have had boy friends. It’s completely normal, you just have to find someone who is comfortable with what you do. This is a struggle for all sex workers around the world, it’s a sacrifice that you make.

I love other women, I have girl friends that I party with at the ranches and some female clients do come through to visit. It’s rare though, most of the customers that come in the brothels are male. When a woman comes in she is most definitely welcome. 🙂

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