This Bro’s Struggle Between Lifting, Eating Cake, And Smoking Weed Is A Battle I’m All Too Familiar With

by 4 years ago

imgur / thisisnotprote

Any bro that’s ever enjoyed smoking weed and/or having a few adult beverages knows the struggle of wanting to lift in order to stay in shape but also to indulge the decadent things in life. On the one end of the spectrum we all want to maintain 24/7/365 Spring Break bodies, but on the other end of the spectrum we all want to smoke weed, eat cake, drink beer, and do things like float down rivers inside inner tubes instead of compound movement weight lifting.

Again, if you’ve ever wanted to skip the gym in favor of smoking + eating you are NOT alone. To drive that point home imgur user (imgurian?) ‘thisisnotprote‘ uploaded this inner monologue of photos showing his daily struggle at the gym, the and how weed is his achilles heel when it comes to gains. Some of you might think this is cheesy as f*ck, but those of you who might be a few months at the gym away from peak fitness understand that this bro’s struggle is real. To see the entire inner monologue as one image you can follow that link to IMGUR above, but below I’ve separated the images into a format that’s easier for you bros to read than a picture that is somehow 14 pages long.


imgur / thisisnotprote