Mother Gets Dragged On Social Media After Creating A GoFundMe To Take Her Children To Disney World


We all want things. When I was a kid, I would tell my mom I wanted a candy bar at the store and she’d always reply in a thick Boston accent, “Well I want a new ass because mine has a crack in it.” I didn’t really need the candy bar as much as I needed my mom to stop talking about her ass to me.

Anyway, the harsh reality in life is that many of us are not going to be rich. We are going to have desires and dreams that go unmet until the day we die. Some people never accept that fact, especially when they have children that have unbounded desires and no concept of money.

Nikki Smith, of Bristol, England wanted to take her two children (aged 10 and 12) on a vacation to Disney Land. Only problem: she only works two nights a week at the local hospital and spends the rest of her time caring for her children. The only possible way Nikki would be able to take her children on the vacation is if she reached into the pockets of strangers, with their consent of course.

Nikki told The Sun: “It’s so hard to save with two children as well as working part time, you’ve got the bills and shopping – it would probably take me 10 years to save up that much and it would be too late then.”

Nikki started a GOFundMe page with the hopes of raising £5,000 to make her children’s dreams come true.



People did not like this.

After many commenters called her a lazy mooch, Nikki was forced to take down the page. The hate got so overwhelming that Nikki put the page back up to explain herself.


What do you bros think: loving mom or figure it the fuck out?

[h/t The Sun]

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