Feast Your Eyes On The Most Painfully Awkward New Year’s Countdown In History, Courtesy Of This Aussie News Station

by 1 year ago

So a millennial-centric Australian TV show called The Loop decided to gift a bunch of competition winners with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to count down to the new year in a stuffy, windowless news studio with people they’ve never met before. Hashtag winning.

Believe it or not, the super peppy hosts couldn’t raise the collective heartbeat of the competition winners above that of a stoned sloth. I’m still not convinced that these people weren’t being held against their will. At one point I could have sworn that instead of counting down the numbers, one dude mouthed ‘Help.’  But, even if these people were abducted and eventually locked in a room and forced to perform sexual favors on Poor Man’s Ryan Seacrest, it was all worth it for the minute and a half of the most awkward New Years countdown since, well, Mariah Carey’s dumpster fire of a performance this year.

So, for that, we thank you, Australia.

[h/t Uproxx]


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