The 11 Most Ridiculous Burgers You Need To Eat Right Now

This tasty video lists the eleven most ridiculous burgers you need to eat right now. Sadly, I haven’t devoured any of the monsters on the roster, but you best believe my bucket list just got a lot sloppier.

No matter how many food frenzies and fads there are, burgers stand the test of time. Friggin’ Chipotle is gonna get into the burger game and the Minnesota Timber Rattlers turned the game on it head with its absurd line of burgers.

Seems like our desire to make the burger bigger, badder, and more unbelievable will never be satiated. FoodBeast turned four In-N-Out burgers into a 10,000+ calorie pie. Epic Meal Time created an 84 cheeseburger cheeseburger that weighed in at almost 65,000 calories.

kate hudson burger

Not only can no one resist a burger, it’s tough to take down just one. Never has that been more evident than when a former beauty pageant winner attempted to down 100 burgers in one sitting.

Even after it’s been revealed that human and rat DNA have been found in American burgers, I’m confident my stomach has been through enough boot camps and food poisoning bouts to take on any meat patty out there.

harold and kumar white castle

Whenever I hear someone suggest “Burgers”, 10 times out of 10, I’ll reply with the classic Neil Patrick Harris line from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, “Fur burgers”.

We recently told you about the self-proclaimed “burger pervert” who’s selling a book he believes is the definitive collection of “pornburgers”. I might have to pick up a copy and get real weird for a couple weeks.