People Are Going Nuts Trying To Find This Snake In A Pile Of Leaves And I’ve Officially Wasted 15 Mins Of My Life

by 2 years ago

Jerry Davis/Twitter

While you’ve likely been working hard this afternoon to keep our economy churning, I have sunk 22 minutes of my life into finding a snake in a pile of leaves. It goes without saying that my father is not proud of me.

But I am not alone. Twitter user @SssnakeySci, a Ph.D. student in snake biology, has gone viral after posting this hair-pulling photo of a camouflaged snake in a pile of leaves. The tweet has garnered over 20,000 likes and 5,000 retweets. Many of whom swallowed their pride and waved the white flag.

Have you been able to spot it? If you answered yes, you think you’re better than me, bro? If you answered no, I will provide you the answer below.

But first.

Are you sure?

Giving up this easy?

Story of my life…







Now we can all continue living our lives.

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