Atlanta Parents Go Ballistic And Attack School Officials After Graduation Was Moved Indoors And Some Of Them Could Not Attend The Ceremony

Graduation is supposed to be one of the greatest accomplishments in a person’s young life. Really, though, it’s a ceremony for the parents. I can tell you with certainty that for both high school and college graduations, the last place I wanted to be nursing my hangovers that morning was in a plastic chair while sweating out an entire night’s worth of booze through a polyester graduation gown. However, my mom could not have been happier. Sure, our entire relationship has pretty much always been a never-ending series of me disappointing her and then asking her what’s for dinner, but the woman loves her life events.

Which is why I’m not too surprised that these parents of Atlanta high-schoolers got all violent when the ceremony was moved indoors due to rain, meaning that many attendees were unable to actually enter the ceremony, leading to said parents attacking each other as well as school officials. Things got so violent that one parent had to be tased.

I mean, we all read Lord of Flies in high school. You drive a person to the very edge of their rope and they will inevitably get violent as a means of survival. Can you imagine how many throats my mother would have gone for if all of the sudden my old principal had told her that she couldn’t watch me walk across the stage and receive an empty leather envelope? (Hint: A lot.) So, if anything, the fault here falls to the English teachers of the high school. They were supposed to be the ones who educated the youth of America about the dangers of angering a large, emotional crowd by teaching students about Lord of the Flies. I mean, there’s a reason Piggy was killed (and eaten? Been a few years). Kid was the bearer of bad news and they dropped a boulder on him. So, if anything, I blame the teaching staff for this one. Guys didn’t do their job. And someone got tased.