Paul Simon Is The Latest Person To ‘Outrage’ People After Loving Tribute To Carrie Fisher Angers SJWs

If you plan on making a tribute to Carrie Fisher you had better take at least three sensitivity courses and get a BA in Women’s Studies first because the topic is an absolute pitfall. Cinnabun learned the hard way when they tried to make a silly tribute to the Star Wars princess with a reference to her hair bun.


Steve Martin praised the talented actress by calling her the “most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”


Well, surely Paul Simon will have luck writing a touching tribute toe Carrie Fisher that will not offend anyone.


Yes, even the legendary Paul Simon who made a fabled career from writing timeless ballads got in trouble over a tribute TO HIS FORMER WIFE.

Yes, Rolling Stone’s eighth best songwriter of all-time, got heat for calling HIS FORMER WIFE a “girl” instead of a “woman.”

The man that was married to Carrie Fisher and had an on-again, off-again relationship for more than a decade and wrote multiple songs about the actress used the wrong word and people jumped down his throat for honoring the late-great actress.

twitter outrage


twitter outrage


twitter outrage


Femsplaining on how Paul Simon should grieve is completely insensitive to his needs right now.

It’s almost like people are already on a mission to get Donald Trump elected for a second term.

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