People Are Vandalizing The Shit Out Of This Denver Bookstore With Unfortunate Terrorist Name

If you opened a bookstore with the objective to garner absolutely zero business, what would you name it?

Looks like you and ISIS Books & Gifts owner Jeff Harrison are on the same page.

According to the Huffington Post, Harrison said Wednesday that the suburban Denver shop has been vandalized at least five times in the past year, the latest coming after the store sign was smashed following the attacks in Paris that killed 129 people. Harrison indicated that people have thrown rocks and paint at his sign and front door.

So I bet you’re asking, why the fuck would the dude name his bookstore after the most hated terrorist group on the planet?

Well, in his defense, he opened the shop in 1980, close to 20 years before ISIS established itself in 1999 (I wonder if there is a pending copyright lawsuit between the ruthless terror group and the small, mom and pop book store. Food for thought.)

ALSO, Harrison wants the world to know its name comes from the Egyptian goddess of healing and motherhood and it isn’t run by savages.

Said Harrison,

“Isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess, 3,500 years old at least, the goddess of women and healing and childbirth — basically the antithesis of everything the terrorists are about.”

As for the vandalizers, Harrison believes they are “some ignorant people believing that somehow the terrorists have a store, a gift store, in the middle of Denver, Colorado.”

SUUUUUURE, that’s what they want us to believe.

Harrison says that for now they are sticking with the name.

Bro. Change the fucking name. That’s like me naming my dick Herpes and expecting girls to slobber all over it. And if you can’t think of a substitute name, just close your eyes and point to something in the room–I promise Lamp Books and Gifts would double your sales.

[h/t Huffington Post]

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