Police Find Homing Pigeon Smuggling Enough Ecstasy To Fuel A Rave

by 10 months ago

Drug smugglers are some of the most innovative people on the planet. When billions of dollars are on the line in the global illegal drugs market the smugglers and dealers can afford to bring in genius-level talent to handle logistics.

We often see outlandish cocaine and marijuana smuggling techniques when the drugs are coming in from Mexico. Ranging from using a catapult to shoot the drugs across the border to bring the drugs over on an actual submarine, the drug smugglers are innovative in their methods.

I’m not exactly certain what the most common way of smuggling ecstasy is these days but I can almost guarantee that it isn’t the method below. Local authorities apprehended a carrier pigeon flying into Kuwait with 178 pills of ecstasy attached to its back, neatly disguised:

According to the NYPost, this isn’t the first time worldwide that smugglers have employed a homing pigeon to move drugs. Back in 2015, Costa Rican police apprehended a pigeon bringing cocaine and marijuana into a jail.

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