Dude Got Arrested After He Told A Newspaper That The Redskins Should Keep Their Name But Make The Mascot A Potato


To be fair, it’s not a bad idea. Of course making the mascot a giant red potato would make the team the laughing stock of the country, but I’d definitely start watching football if the uniforms had potatoes on them. Imagine little kids taking pictures with a guy in a giant potato costume. What’s there to hate? As for Jacob Close though, the quote got him into a slight bit of trouble.

” The Mass Comm student was wanted by Ithaca police for bail jumping in a years-old drug/DUI-related case. ‘Campus police had been looking for Close for more than a month after being notified by Ithaca City Police in late May,’ the Press Enterprise reports. A campus cop saw Close’s picture in the ‘Your Opinion’ column last Monday and staked out the student’s blue Honda. The officer got his man on Sunday afternoon.”

Via Jim Romenesko

Hey man, it coulda been worse. At least you were moderately humorous while you went down in flames. Oh, and for those of us who were wondering what a Washington Redskin Potato logo would look like, here you go.



[H/T Uproxx]